Arc Machines, Inc., training classes are conducted at the customer's location or at our training facility at AMI headquarters located in Pacoima, CA.

Training classes are also offered in the US at:

  • Critical Systems, Inc., located in Boise, ID, Burnsville, MN, and also in Shrewsbury, PA, the only AMI certified training technicians in the US

Classes in Europe are held at:

  • AMI UK Office - Daventry, UK
  • AMI German Office - Much, DE


AMI's maintenance and operator training classes are taught by highly experienced engineers and technicians. Companies who sign up for our maintenance and operator training classes generally report increased equipment reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and increased productivity.

AMI's trainers will professionally train your operators, technicians, and engineers to help you realize the full benefits of your investment and reduce production costs. AMI offers a range of training options, from standard equipment training modules to maintenance or welding process training.

We offer two day fusion welding classes and four day pipe welding classes with each fusion or pipe systems purchase. Additional "refresher" training classes are also offered throughout the year. With our well-equipped Fusion and Pipe Laboratory at our headquarters in Pacoima, CA, we are uniquely positioned to accomodate larger groups and to provide customized orbital welding education, training, and new equipment briefings or demonstrations.

AMI's Training Classes focus on best practices and allow students to stay up to date with emerging trends in the orbital  welding industry. Our experienced trainers will help you to realize the highest return on your AMI orbital welding equipment investment.

The three main areas focused in training classes are:

  1. Orbital welding basics
  2. Power supply programming and operation
  3. Equipment maintenance

Tube and Pipe Welding Classes at our Headquarters Located in Pacoima, CA

A FREE two day in-house introductory orbital tube welding class is offered several times a year. To reserve a seat in the class, please contact AMI's training department one week before you plan to attend the class at

Training Certificate


Model 205 Fusion Welding Power Supply


Model 227 Pipe Welding Power Supply