Model 96 Self-Supporting Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Head

The Model 96 is an automated weld head designed for high-speed, high-production autogenous welding of tubes to tubesheet. Welds made with this head, utilizing the GTAW (TIG) welding process, can pass the most rigid specifications.

The weld head is held in place on the tube to be welded by an expanding mandrel. This mandrel is actuated by a single button, conveniently located in the handle. Actuation of the mandrel holds the weld head firmly to the tubesheet and positions the torch concentric to the tube to be welded. The Model 96 features a completely enclosed purge chamber. The gas chamber eliminates the use of gas cups and provides superior shielding for materials which oxidize easily, such as titanium.


  • Rugged, reliable tube-to-tubesheet weld head suited for high-production applications
  • Makes autogenous GTAW (TIG) welds on flush or slightly projected tubes.
  • Single or multi-pass welds
  • Self-supporting on tubesheet, pneumatically operated
  • One-button operation, quick mount and dismount
  • Welds in any position, including overhead

Compatible with all AMI Power Supplies.

Quick Specs

Tube Size Range0.375" ID (9,525 mm) (Min.)
1.870" ID (47,498 mm), 2.000" OD (50,8 mm) (Max.)
Weld Current150 A DC (Max.)
Rotation Speed0.1 - 9.9 RPM
Tungsten Size1/16" or 3/32"
(1,6 mm or 2,4 mm Ø)
Weight7 lbs. (3,17 kg)