Purge Mandrel Tool

This tool provides a quick and easy method of aligning (prior to welding; automatic or manual) sanitary ferrules and other similar types of fittings, eliminating the need to pre-tack. It includes provisions for ID purging, and is adaptable to a wide range of ferrules and fitting types and sizes.

The Purge Mandrel Tool is adaptable to a wide range of sizes through the use of adapter kits. Included with each adapter kit is a set of non-marring expanding seals. These maintenance-free seals prevent entrapment of oxygen, resulting in oxide-free internal welds. The unique design of this tool saves time. No tools are required for operation. A significant savings of purge gas is also realized, as only the weld zone is purged. Operation is easy. Slip the ferrule onto the tool, and insert the tool into the tube to be welded. Turn one knob to lock the tool into the tube, and turn another to hold the ferrule firmly against the end of the tube. Turn on the purge gas and you’re ready to weld, either manually or with automatic equipment. Adapter kits are available in all standard fitting sizes from 1” through 4” (25,4 mm - 101,6 mm).

Adapter kits for custom or non-standard applications are available upon request.