Socket or Fillet Welding

Although there are limited orbital applications for socket or fillet welds, they do exist. Arc Machines has recognized this need and has several solutions. For some socket or fillet welds, the torch on the standard Model 15 and Model 81 pipe weld heads can be tilted 15 to 20 degrees and the weld performed. The disadvantage to this technique is that the torch may climb up the socket or fillet wall. To overcome this, Arc Machines has a torch tilt option available for the Model 15 and Model 81 pipe weld heads. The advantage of this configuration is that the tungsten angle or AVC (arc length control) angle is in line with the torch movement, making socket welds easy. A recent application used the Model 81 with a Torch Tilt on 4” (114,3 mm) sch. 80 Socket welds for a high-pressure hydraulic application. For thinner wall sockets or fillets, the Model 95 series of pipe weld heads can also be fitted with a torch tilt option.

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