A Guide to Codes and Standards

A Guide to Codes and Standards

The Codes and Standards cited in this document can be ordered on the Internet. The organizations responsible to establish these Codes and Standards sell them as part of their customer service. All the codes and standards can be ordered on the Internet and paid by credit card.

For the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) BPE2002 standard, go to www.asme.org. At the top of the page (left side), click on “Products & Publications” then, Under Codes & Standards click “Purchase Print Editions” then click “Codes and Standards Listed By Designator”, scroll down the list and click on “BPE”, click on “Bioprocessing Equipment”. That will take you to the Standard, open it and you can then put it in your shopping cart.

The standard for 316L Stainless Steel is found on the ASTM web site, go to www.astm.org. Click on “Standards” then “Individual Standards.” In “Standards Search” put in A269, then click on the Standard. That Standard can be delivered online.

For the American Welding Society (AWS) D18 standard, go to www.aws.org. Click “Publications” on the top line. Then click “Codes and Standards”. Under “Find AWS Catalog Products, click on “1 Search” and enter “D18”. Please note that there are two elements to the D18 Standard, the color photograph listed under “Guide” and the written standard under “Specification” both are recommended.

For the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) Baseline Guide, go to www.ispe.org and click on “Publications”, then “Baseline Pharmaceutical Engineering Guides”. Then, select the guide of interest.

We have found that these organizations change their web sites from time to time and it is possible that these instructions, which are valid at the time of writing will not work exactly as written. In that case, use the above instructions as a guide to locate the Codes or Standards, which will be on the web site, somewhere.