ID Welding/Cladding

ID welding and cladding is a valuable sub-set of orbital TIG welding that could be used more extensively. Over the years, Arc Machines, Inc. has supplied equipment for many ID welding and cladding applications. One example of a “simple” ID weld is in welding tubes to stubs machined out of the back of a tubesheet. The advantage of this technique is a completely leak-free heat exchanger. ID welding and cladding is frequently used in vessel manufacture where a pipe welded to the outside of a vessel must be clad with corrosion-resistant filler to match the corrosion-resistant cladding used on the ID of the vessel. Arc Machines equipment has successfully performed a finished clad as small as 5/8” (16 mm) diameter. Our Model 43 orbital weld head has been used for many different ID configurations and depths. As there are no “standard” ID welds or clads, Arc Machines works closely with customers in the vessel manufacture, heat exchanger manufacture and repair, shipbuilding and petrochemical industries to supply solutions to challenging ID welding or cladding requirements.

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