Nuclear Waste Canister Welding

Nuclear Waste Canister Welding

Model 7 Hot Cell Lid Welder

Rotary 60 inch Diameter
Full-Function Seal Welder

Model 34 Hot-Cell Canister Welder

Arc Machines, Inc. designed and manufactured its first Nuclear Waste Canister Welding System in 1977.

We have continued to design and produce specialty Canister Welders almost every year since then for installations at Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs, Westinghouse Savannah River, PAMELA (Belgium); NPCIL (India) and KFK (Germany).

Although many aspects of Canister Welding are similar, almost every application has unique aspects that require experience in the field to understand and insure success. AMI has that experience.

  • Autogenous GTAW fusion welding systems
  • Hot or cold wire feed GTAW welding systems
  • Patented vision systems providing the best arc view in the industry
  • Remote manipulation of multiple weld head functions
  • Operation and maintenance compatible with hot cell manipulators
  • Remote weld head centering systems
  • Extremely reliable and repeatable Power Sources with the latest Windows compatible technology for weld schedule and weld data storage
  • Data acquisition systems

Arc Machines offers:

  • Extensive knowledge base of suitable materials for high radiation and caustic environments
  • Multiple canister welding systems in use worldwide
  • On-site and/or in-house factory training
  • Our qualification facilities are second to none to help in developing your procedures
  • Worldwide sales, service and training facilities
  • Custom Engineering to meet your specifications