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Industry Experts in Equipment, Systems, Technology & Services Support for Advanced Welding Applications

In response to an increasing demand for zero-defect welding and the rapidly expanding sophistication and complexity of automated welding applications, AMI  is dedicated to supporting every aspect of automated welding.

Special Capabilities with Unique and Experienced Staff

AMI specializes in the design, development and production of advanced, specialized welding solutions using a wide range of products that includes robotics, manipulation/positioning equipment, controllers and vision systems for all GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, PAW, and other welding technologies. The AMI group is made up of seasoned industry experts with extensive experience in the mechanical, electrical and software disciplines of automated welding.

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Comprehensive Support

In addition to providing hardware and systems, AMI can also provide services - from consulting and analysis to weld process development to on site support and supervision - to help in every aspect of the complex science and practice of automated welding.

Wide Range of Resources

In developing customized equipment and integrated systems to address client specific automated welding needs, AMI draws from a wide range of manufacturers, including but not limited to AMI, to provide the best systems for each individual application.

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AMI has the best and most knowledgeable group of welding specialists, designers and engineers in the industry. This expertise in all aspects of automated welding science, equipment and processes makes AMI the "first stop" for leading manufacturers and contractors seeking new applications for automated welding or specialized solutions for complex welding challenges.

The AMI staff is expert in:

  • Electro Mechanical Torch Manipulation
  • Electronic Motion Controls
  • Software Engineering
  • Welding Engineering & Analysis
  • Welding Repair Technology
  • Complex Weld Head Design
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Integrated Systems
  • On Site Training
  • Vision Systems
  • On Site Services & Support
  • Machining Solutions
  • Remotely Operated Systems

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Global Presence

Drawing on AMI's industry-leading worldwide distribution and service network, AMI is able to support stand-alone projects around the world or the coordinated activity of multi-national corporations.

AMI offers:

  • Expert advice & support for all aspect of automated welding prosesses.
  • The best solutions for all applications using the best equipment & technology in the industry.
  • Global reach & support.