Arc Machines Inc. is founded by Mr. M.E. (Mindy) Gedgaudas and Mr. L.V. (Lou) Reivydas, joined shortly thereafter by V.K. (Vic) Fukumoto.
AMI designs and produces, under contract from the Oak Ridge National Lab, the Model 3 Aluminum Tube Weld Head and the Model 103 Power Supply/Controller. The Model 103 is the first truly effective reverse polarity injection switching power source for aluminum welding. This power supply technology has since become the industry standard for producing porosity-free, high-quality aluminum welds.
AMI designs and produces, under contract from the Struthers-Wells Company, the Model 6 Tube-to-Tubesheet Weld Head. This is the first high-precision tubesheet welder with filler capability. The Model 6, which has been copied by other manufacturers, is extremely successful and is still produced by AMI.
AMI designs and produces, under contract from Battelle Laboratories, the Model 7 Nuclear Waste Can Lid Welder. This remotely operated, hazardous environment weld head is the first of many such specialty systems AMI produces for the nuclear industry
AMI introduces the Model 9 and Model 107 in-place orbital fusion tube welding system. Although it is not the first system of its type, it is the first truly repeatable, fully- automatic system requiring no in-process human involvement and very little post- process inspection. Used for aerospace, pharmaceutical, food processing and semiconductor industry tubing installations, it soon becomes and remains today the industry standard. Market surveys in 1986 indicated that AMI had a 75% share of the market because of its superior accuracy, automation, precision, repeatability, ruggedness and support.
AMI introduces the Model 15 In-place Orbital Pipe Welding Head and Model 105 and Model 115 Power Supply/Controller Systems. Automatic orbital pipe welding systems and research had been ongoing since 1967, but this system represented a large research and development program to bring all of the latest technology together into one system. The system provides users with major reduction of in-process and post-process human involvement and man-hours.
AMI introduces the Model 115-RW Remote Welding System. This system features major advances in video monitoring technology to make automated welds in high radiation environments. By 1985 it is the number one system used for remote nuclear pipe welding and repair applications.
AMI continues to research/develop and expand its Model 9 Fusion welding product line.
AMI produces, under contract from General Electric Turbine Division, the Model 30 Automated Boiler Return Bend Welding System. This system represents a major reduction of pre, post and in-process welding costs.
AMI produces, under contract from the General Electric Nuclear Services Group, the Model 43 I.D. Welding System for making remotely operated welds on the Inside Diameter of Reactor piping Systems.
AMI introduces the Model 45 Miniature Pipe Welding Head.
AMI continues to research/develop and expand its Model 9 Fusion Welding product line.
AMI is producing a wider range of automatic welding systems, both standard and custom, than any other manufacturer. AMI offers 15 different power supply/controllers and over 25 different "off-the-shelf" welding heads. AMI is conducting experiments for lower cost, miniaturized pipe welding systems for the high-production manufacturing environments.
AMI introduces the Model 81 and Model 105-2 low-cost, high-productivity small bore pipe welding system. AMI is conducting further experiments in video optic monitoring and artificial intelligence systems.
For its 10th Anniversary AMI introduces the Model 215 Microprocessor Controlled Welding System. The 215 is designed to supply built-in interface with future developments in adaptive welding.
AMI introduces the Model 87, Model 89, Model 6-850 and Model 90 Weld Heads. All except the M90 are basically designed for customers with very specific applications. This starts a trend of several years of paid specialty designs and less standard product design.
The year is dominated by a very large growth in M107/M9 Fusion Tube Welding sales. Use of the systems in the semiconductor industry becomes almost mandatory. A new "state-of-the-art" micro-processor power supply for this industry, the M207, is in development as is a very large, special product for Westinghouse and the U.S. Navy.
M107/M9 sales continue to grow with the expansion of the semiconductor industry. In September AMI ships the 1000th M-107 Power Supply (SN# 5859). Development of the M207 is limited due to engineering development for the M92, M93 and M94 Weld Heads for special applications.
The Model 207 Micro-processor Power Supply is now in full production and initial sales are extremely good. Work is started on a pipe welding version of the same unit (M227) to be used with the M95 family of low cost pipe welding heads.
The M207-HP (High Purity) system, for operation in clean rooms, is introduced with excellent customer acceptance. Market demands require the changing of the M227 from a 100/150 ampere unit to a 200 ampere unit. Late in the year the first production run is started. At the same time the M95 family of low-cost pipe welding heads is expanded.
A completely remote/motorized M43 ID Torch with on-board cameras is produced. The design features a patented arc light filtration system that provides extremely versatile and efficient arc light filtration without any moving parts or special spot type filters.
The first half of 1992 is highlighted by several custom designed welding systems for the U.S. Navy and for General Electric. One system features a unique weld viewing system for a limited access application and another is for I.D. Cladding with extremely rigid access problems.
The M9-250 is added to the Model 9 family. Custom Engineering orders from General Electric (Model 63 Reactor Stub Welder) and Equipos Nucleares (ENSA) in Spain for the Model 69 CRDM Sleeve Welder.
M-207 sales are extremely good and the M-207-HP (High Purity) Power Supply version is added. The Model 227 225 Ampere Pipe Welding Power Supply is also completed during the year.
The Model 70 CRDM Penetration Repair Weld Head is designed and delivered to ENSA in Spain and a modified version designed for Combustion Engineering in the USA.
The Model 8-4000 is completed. This thin cross-section fusion tube welding head is the first of a family of similar heads that allow better access on larger diameters than the Model 9 family. The Model 72 is delivered to the U.S. Navy. The M-72 was designed specifically for 8" valve I.D. repairs.
The M-74 for Precision Components Corp (PCC) in York, PA is completed. This is a unique weld head designed for linear seam welding of copper cooling fins to a carbon steel vessel.
M-215 Power Supply is upgraded to 350 amperes standard and designated the M-215A. A second Generation MRP tool, INFOFLO, is installed and implemented.
The Model 75 second generation reactor stub welder weld head is completed for General Electric Nuclear. The Model 76, BWR Shroud Weld Head is also completed for General Electric.
The N Torch is added to the Model 15 family of torches. The N Torch is AMI's first direct view remote torch with motorized manipulators and tilt option. The M95-3500 is added to the M-95 family of pipe welding heads.
The M107, M207, M227 and M215 are all tested and CE certified to meet EC Standard (IEC 60974).
The Model 79 family of full-function open frame pipe weld heads are introduced with the M79-2375, M79-3500 and M79-6625.
The first practical Windows-based power supply, the Model 415, is introduced at the Essen Weld Fair. The M-415 is certified to meet CE standards.
Model 76A is completed for General Electric. Model 7K – waste canister lid welder is designed and built for Germany.
AMI attains ISO 9000 Certification.
General Electric retains AMI to develop equipment to perform clad overlay and groove welding 14 feet down the inside of a reactor in-core monitor housing (ICMH) with a finished ID of 1.375". The innovative result, after a year of intensive work by AMI Engineering, is the Model 78 ICMH ID Weld Head.
A Model 15 12" deep Narrow Groove Torch (NGT) is completed for Belleli in Italy. A Model 8-2000 Fusion Tube Weld Head is added to the M-8 Family.
Another version of the M74 ICMH Weld Head designated the Model 84 is completed for General Electric.
The Model 73 – ID weld head for remote pipe welding in 5.5 inch ID is completed for Forsmark Germany.
The M84A, another modified version of the original M-78 is produced for General Electric.
The Model 9-675 – Fusion Tube Welder is designed for DCN (France). Also designed and built for a European customer is the Model 85 – Small Diameter Fusion Return Bend Welder.
The Model 8-6625 is added to the Model 8 family of fusion tube weld heads.
The Model 83 is built for Electric Boat to weld 14" diameter elbows on-board ship (nuclear submarines).
AMI celebrates its 25th anniversary.
AMI delivers the 2,000th Model 207 Power Supply and its sturdy red and black enclosure is commonplace at global job sites. The M207 becomes the world's best selling orbital power supply.
The Model 2, a group of stand-alone units (AVC, Wire Feed, Oscillator), is created to be combined as needed for Work Cell applications (non-orbital welding).
A water cooled version of the M9-500 called the M9-500C is added to the product line. The M95-4500 is added to the M95 family. A M85-650 is added to the M85 family.
An AC Power Supply, designated the M405, is created for Lockheed Martin for use on Space Shuttle tanks.
A series of bench-mount fusion tube welders for work cell applications, designated the Model 4, is created. The M79-4500 is added to the M79 family.
AMI ships the 3,000th Model 9 Tube Weld Head.
The Model 52 Pipe Welder debuts. This flagship product provides a durable, extremely versatile, heavy duty platform for high-deposition, high-specification circumferential and flat welding applications, and becomes a popular solution for the energy and nuclear markets.
AMI ships the 1,000th Model 8 Tube Weld head.
AMI Introduces the Model 307 Fusion Tube Weld Power Supply, a state-of-the-art power supply using a user-friendly touch screen operating system and providing leading edge data storage and data acquisition in 33 languages.
AMI develops a new M77 weld head for large pipe (petrochemical) welding and a M501 Hot-Wire system for high-specification pipe welding (by Navy and Defense contractors.)
AMI celebrates its 30th anniversary and completes installation of its Avante operating/ERP platform across all of its operating groups. This system allows unprecedented coordination and visibility between AMI's offices globally.
AMI deliver's the 3,000th M207 Power Supply, its most successful power supply of all time.
AMI introduces a patented low-cost aluminum collet for the Model 8 Tube Weld Head family, which quickly overtakes the market from the traditional beryllium-copper types. This product is one of the first to fully utilize AMI Engineering's advanced Finite Element Analysis system during solid modeling.
AMI installs new state-of-the-art electrical discharge machine tools and CNC Lathe+Mills to ensure steady delivery of the new collet product line and to meet increasing demand on other products.
AMI Founders sell a majority interest in AMI to Marwit Capital, positioning the company for continued leadership in orbital welding and for rapid expansion into related industries.
AMI acquires Exel Orbital Products, with an advanced line of fusion power supplies, weld heads and fixtures designed for the high-purity, fixtures and fittings sector of the semiconductor, medical and aerospace industries.
AMI significantly enhances and upgrades the Model 307 and Model 415 Power Supplies, consolidating their position as the most advanced power suppliers in the orbital market.
AMI re-engineers and begins manufacture of the APW-7 Weld Head for Electric Boat.
AMI introduces the Model 205, the lowest-cost, most lightweight, advanced fusion power supply in the market, at the AWS Show in Las Vegas.
AMI ships the 1,000th Model 227, the most popular pipe welding power supply in the market.
The AMI world launch of the M205 begins and it soon becomes AMI's best-selling power supply.
AMI introduces a prototype 7mm ultra-narrow-gap pipe welding torch at the Essen Welding Show in Germany. This ground-breaking product significantly reduces weld times for the energy and nuclear markets.
AMI designs and delivers the Model 20 ID Pipe Weld Head to British Energy. This weld head is designed to remotely insert and weld plugs into a steam header.
AMI enhances the low-cost Model 77 Pipe Weld Head to optionally include AVC and oscillation functions.
AMI begins marketing a totally upgraded line of Exel products in the USA and Japan.
The Model 21 Fusion Weld Head Series debuts, with industry-leading features in clamping and alignment.
AMI opens its Applied Solutions - East Coast Office in North Carolina, providing turnkey solutions for power generation and other markets.
AMI appoints Ador Welding Ltd., as a new representative for the Indian market.

AMI relocates its UK office to a 7,000 sf. building to accommodate a state-of-the-art demonstration area, full maintenance and service support, a comprehensive spare parts inventory plus a dedicated operator training facility to meet future market needs.
AMI appoints Shanghai T+C Machine Trading Pte Ltd., as a new representative and authorized repair center for the the South China market.
AMI installs and implements the use of Salesforce CRM software.
AMI introduces a prototype Model 427 power supply/controller at the AWS/Fabtech Show in Chicago, IL. This advanced technology product is capable of welding all alloys in a wide range of applications, with or without filler wire.
AMI appoints Nain Industrial and Weldwell, as a new representative group for the South Korean market.
AMI appoints GF Engineering Pty Ltd., as a new representative for the Western Australian market.
AMI appoints Seflex Witbank c.c., as a new representative for the South African provinces of Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo.
AMI appoints Hoffman Instrumentation Supply (HIS), as a new representative for Washington, Oregon and Idaho states.
AMI introduces the Model 42, user configurable modular pipe weld head at the AWS/Fabtech Show in Las Vegas, NV.
AMI introduces 8 new innovative and cutting-edge products at the Schweissen & Schneiden tradeshow in Essen, Germany: the M205 and M415 power supplies now enhanced with WDR (Welding Data Recording) capabilities; the new M217 WDR, 150 A fusion power supply featuring WDR; the new M327 WDR, 300 A power supply; the new M62 configurable, high precision pipe weld head; the M88 ultra low profile weld head, the new Remote Pendant for the M327 WDR and M415 WDR power supplies, and a new Data Acquisition System.
AMI introduces 4 additional new products at Fabtech 2013 Chicago, IL: the M9-675 ultra low profile pipe weld head, the M44 small bore ID cladding system, the UNGT high speed oscillating Ultra Narrow Gap Torch, and a robotic tube-to-tubesheet system utilizing the M96 weld head.
AMI opens its Southwest Office in Texas to serve Customers in the Gulf Coast and to provide service and maintenance for the region either on location or off site.
AMI appoints Egusa as its new Authorized Service Center in Mexico.
AMI appoints Servimport as its new Authorized Service Center in Brazil.
AMI appoints new sales representative Practical Tools, Inc. to serve the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec.
Aligned with its international expansion plans, AMI opens a new office in Pune, India.
Continuing its international expansion plans, AMI opens a new office in Sharjah, U.A.E., co-located with Topmarx UK, Ltd.