View Our Job OpeningsArc Machines Inc. (AMI) is committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse team of talented professionals. As an international company, success depends on bringing people together to solve some of the tough technological challenges facing our customers while giving those team members the opportunities to grow, develop, and thrive. AMI takes pride in maintaining great relationships with its legacy employees, many of whom worked with the company for 25 years or longer.

Complete Benefits Program

AMI recognizes that employee benefit programs are an important part of the total compensation package. We provide competitive benefits which include options for protection from catastrophic loss due to illness, injury or loss of life.

AMI also provides an opportunity to build security for the future through our retirement program. This includes a comprehensive medical and dental package, long and short-term disability programs and life insurance.  AMI currently and traditionally has paid for much of the insurance premiums for both employees and dependants. In addition to an excellent medical and dental plan all employees are automatically enrolled in the company sponsored 401K plan provided by Putnam Investments which was acknowledged and awarded in 2012 as the best corporate 401k retirement plan/servicer.

The company typically provides 10 paid holidays annually and all full-time employees earn two weeks vacation during their first year.

Training and Development Programs

AMI is committed to the continued personal and professional development of our employees as a strategic investment. Our group and individual training and development programs focus on the essential leadership, technical, and business skills needed to support the company mission.

Each employee, in conjunction with their department and management team, has the opportunity to pursue training sponsored by AMI. Employees are encouraged to submit to management areas/disciplines training programs that benefit AMI personnel.


AMI approaches diversity just like any core business area: methodically, strategically, progressively and holistically. Diversity is not a program, but rather an essential ingredient necessary to achieve our overall mission of delivering leading-edge solutions based on the most creative and innovative applications of science and technology.  Diversity in AMI throughout its history has consistently provided the best results. Sometimes AMI has been affectionately been referred to as the "United Nations" due to its historical and current number of personnel from different backgrounds and origins.

Regular Reviews

AMI believes in having regular reviews for its employees. This allows for the constructive feedback between employees and management, the foundation for employee development and a basis for compensation adjustment.